Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fiji's new Acting Permanent Secretary of Information has a 'big mouth'


Sharon Smith-Johns' first day at work has been a memorable one for her staff. It appears MInistry of Information workers were less than impressed with the Australian expat, judging by this picture.

The photo was taken on Smith-Johns' debut at the Government buildings in Suva earlier this week and was sent to Coupfourpointfive - it's been making the rounds with the heading Our New PS First Day At Work. 

We understand there was a backlash at the Ministry when staff were told she was Permanent Secretary of Information, last week. Staff have apparently decided she has a big mouth.

The flame haired Smith-Johns was ushered into the role with the departure of Neumi Leweni to the Department of Lands.

The illegal government's choice of replacement (she says it's in the acting capacity only and that the job will be advertised) has not been a popular one, with snide remarks suggesting qualifications had nothing to do with the appointment.

Smith-John's new role (she was chair of the Fiji Audio Visual Commssion) will be a highly visible one, especially with the advent of the controversial media decree and people are sceptical of her management, PR and media skills.

She is considered to be a coup supporter but it didn't save her from being dumped by the military regime last year from Connect Fiji, an internet provider and a subsidiary of Telecom Fiji Ltd.

Coupfourpointfive reported last October that she was bumbed off because the junta was bringing in locals and asks what's happened now for the expat to be elevated by the illegal government, when it was supposedly giving locals the opportunity to rise in the good jobs.

Other blogs made a meal of her departure, saying she was a '"leech" who was out of her depth at Connect Fiji.

Comments sent to this blog since the news broke, that she'd nailed the plum role of Acting Permanent Secretary have been in the same vein. Many had to be binned because they were unprintable.

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