Friday, April 09, 2010

Fiji Transformation like a Revolution & Scorched Earth Policy

Radio NZ International - 09 April 2010

On the 10th of April it will be a year since Fiji’s constitution was abolished, its judiciary sacked and emergency regulations were introduced.

The move came a day after a court ruling that the military takeover of power in December 2006 was unlawful.

A senior lecturer in Pacific Studies at Auckland University, Dr Steven Ratuva, says in the past year, major changes have been introduced doing away with almost all the previous governing structures:

“In fact the transformation is almost total, it’s almost like a revolution, like a scorched earth policy in the way it’s been carried out. All the old institutions like the great council of chiefs, the parliament, the Cabinet, the President’s position, the judiciary, the civil service, much of those have been reconfigured.”

Dr Ratuva says there is opposition to the regime and international bodies such as the UN and the Commonwealth continue to look for signs of an early return to democratic rule.

But he says there is also support for the administration as in some areas it has infrastructure and assistance that was not provided under previous elected governments.

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  • Steve Ratuva's comments are really showing how it would have been better to complete his Doctorate in the allocated three years rather than the 18 months he boastfully broadcasts. 
  • His comments are now bordering on supporting treason. 
  • He is cloaking treason and illegality with a suspicious approval of the infrastructure and assistance comment at the bottom of his posting

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