Friday, April 09, 2010

Fear of 2014 Politicians in Fiji Media Talks says Illegal AG

Radio Fiji News - 09 April 2010

What happens when the politicians come in after 2014?

This has been a common concern raised with the current government during two days of consultations on the proposed Media Industry Development Decree 2010.

Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum says these concerns were raised both in the Lautoka and Suva consultations on the draft media decree.

"There was a lot of comment made that while they trusted the motives of the current Bainimarama Government and their intentions, they’re not very sure as to what would happen once we’ve had elections and the politicians come in. In fact these are some of the comments that were also made to us during the breaks in Suva.”

Stakeholders expressed concern that those in power could use the Decree as a vindictive tool to thwart legitimate reporting in the public interest, or reports that would show them in a bad light.

Previous governments had also proposed draft media laws but all had been shelved after huge public outcry.

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  • What frustrates me more then anything is the suppressed freedom of expression that seems to silently transcend through the corridors of all levels of existence to our beloved Fiji people. They have all become mute spectators that have no impact at all to the "fixed" game that is being played here. 
  • Only an election can change all of this to bring about equality and freedom. I pray for the quick restoration of democracy to our beloved country.

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