Thursday, April 01, 2010

Erroneous Police Report Raises Ire of Biausevu Village

Sai's Comments:

  • Life is already tough enough in Fiji without the dumb Police reporting inaccurately about an illegal activity that is bound to negatively impact on the livelihood of Fijian villagers.
  • That is what you have when your Police force is led by a treasonous military thug who have no idea about checking facts first before putting out a statement as was the case here.
  • No wonder the Turaga ni Koro is fuming and rightly so as he would be justifiably worried about the impact such a negative report would have on tourism in his area, let alone his village.
  • Of course it is mere water off the duck's back for Teleni as his salary and livelihood is guaranteed under the illegal regime currently ruling the country. Not for him will be an accounting to his superior as part of his performance review, as that only apply to professional public servants, struggling to make sense of the stupid decisions and policy-making mistakes perpetually made by regime-installed military personnel now populating the civil service in Fiji en masse.
  • Fiji and its people no doubt look forward to the day when they will again be served by qualified, professional and ethical civil servants who gain their position through hard work and on merit, unlike those installed by the military following the 2006 coup. 
Intelligentsiya - 01 April 2010

Illegal and treasonous Police Chief Esala Teleni and his spokesman, Atunaisa Sokomuri are under the spotlight for releasing an erroneous police report.

Village headman of Biausevu village in Nadroga, Ratu Siriaki Matabogi raised his concerns about media reports based on police reports that identify his village as the location of a recent drug bust. 

Matabogi refutes those claims and asserts that the actual scene of the drug bust is in fact a fair distance away from Biausevu village. Ratu Siriaki in turn fears for the reputation of his village because of their reliance on daily tourism activities. 

The village headman has requested that the police correct their erroneous report and Sokomuri has responded to this news promising to clarify and correct their report accordingly. 

Watch Fiji TV's news piece about Biausevu village above. 

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