Saturday, February 27, 2010

Voreqe - You Are Not Fiji's Solution! Far from It!

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27 February 2010

Good work Suli. Just a change of pace.This is sad but we must turn this around and rebuke it. Let the people be the judge. Not by force but by free will.

Our world is full of deep endless trenches and tough natural test pieces not human or inhuman acts as in our case. Now, here comes a dictator who thinks he has the solution for everything for Fiji. He thinks he'll make our country crime free, non-racist, coup free, corruption free, indigenious free and methodist free with lawless action.

The fact is we dont need any idiot to tell us what we have and what we dont have. We dont need any form of force to talk for thousands of good reasons. We are the 21st century generation who condones human dignity. Everyone has the right to voice their opinion right or wrong. We dont need a coup idiocracy to tell us that his coup will stop all coups. This is unwarranted, baseless, senseless and aimless argument that doesn't need one single applause. Shame that some still do but wait until you gets older, wiser, lose your job, have no gun and live long to appreciate the beauty of the world as it is.

All we need is someone who has patients, leadership quality, positive atitude, elected by the people with the right tools to fix these problems. A person who is not surrounded by criminals and lack of understanding or full of misunderstanding. Not a 'yes' man but someone who has a wide vision and makes wiser decision. Someone who protect human values.

The fact is regardless of what points Voreqe is arguing his execution and the end results are what people looked at. Not someone who sets a dangerous precedent. Not someone who is a criminal suspect. Not someone who continue to lie to the world. Not someone who believes in the 7th century Sharia laws. Not someone who have no respect of human value and rights. Not someone who goes around beating, hauling and killing people. Not someone who uses race card as an excuse.Not someone who likes to overide another religion through accusation and false prophecy.Not someone who blames corruption to right his wrong. Our Indigenious has come a long way and deserves to be treated as such with respect and due recognition. Not treated as criminal with sinful illegal acts.

His supporters goes on to argue that he has done more then the previous government but the argument is again lack of comparision. How do you compare a dead corpse to a live person. We cann't because who knows what a killed government could have done if they were still around. The only thing we could compare is one was peaceful and one is miserable.

At the end Voreqe the people whom you call the toilet paper will judge your fate when your day of reckoning arrives. And their judgement will based on what you do and what you say.

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