Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Visa Rejection for Fiji Dancer

Radio New Zealand International, 3 March 2010

The New Zealand government has confirmed it has denied a visa to a Fiji dancer because his father is in the military.

New Zealand’s foreign affairs ministry says Samu Ledua Siga Cama can not come to Auckland for next week’s Pasifika Festival because of the travel sanctions imposed on immediate family members of the Fiji military.

Mr Cama says it’s disappointing he won’t be able to perform at the festival with other members of Fiji’s Vou Dance Group.

“Because during the coup I wasn’t even in the country so my father is the only sole breadwinner in the family so he had no other choice but to follow orders given by the high commander. Then being a person who’s trying to do other things in his life its totally unfair.”
Samu Ledua Siga Cama says he does not know if he can appeal the decision.

The Vou Dance Group says another of its members decided not to apply for a visa for the festival as she had been denied a visa previously because her father is also in the military.

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