Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Travel Sanctions Effective Regime Deterrent

Letter from an Informed Source - 02 March 2010

Sai Comments:
  • Read below a note from someone who testifies that travel sanctions are biting and an effective deterrent to catch out those linked to the illegal regime in Fiji.
  • All the more reason they should stay in place as long as the illegal regime hangs on to power in Fiji.

Bula all,

I have just been informed that no one wants to sit on Government Boards and Statutory Bodies due to the travel sanctions by the international community.

I have just had to apply for a visa and the questions fill up about 5 pages looking for links to the iIlegal lnterim Regime (IIR) and any benefits to self or family.

Going through this NO ONE will ever want to support a coup. Living by principles and NOT to APPEASE Voreqe Bainimarama (VB) is KEY from now on.

Whoever said sanctions are not working. They are.

On this same issue to NOT APPEASE VB and his IIR, two Board members were sacked by IIR from Air Terminal Services/Airport Fiji Limited. Now with FLP actively campaigning for elections in 2010 and signed the 640,000 petition, this has tipped against VB and his IIR lies.

VB has created negative reinforcements for the Mara Ganilau Dynasty and elite control away from the people and their mandate.

See list:
-2006 treason; abrogation of the peoples constitution; media censorship; PER, ruling by decrees; human rights abuses; imposed VB, Military and John Samy's Charter by 64% of the Fiji population; Social Engineering of Fijian culture and values - removal of Bose Levu Vakaturaga and Methodist Church authority and funding

By removing this social glue which hold the "hearts and minds" of people together, not the elite few, VB and his IIR, have created their own destruction and it is tail spinning with "inefficiencies".

Don't under estimate social capital. Churchill won the WW2 on this intangible people power glue.

Loloma bibi.

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