Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Teleni's Corrupt Curry Kick Back Scheme

Posted on Matavuvale.com - 02 March 2010

It's sad that minor civil servants go to jail for petty theft, when the more senior civil servants get away with murder.

For example, Teleni, who gets a pot of curry personally delivered to his office at the New Wing at 11am each day of the week by an Indian Police Officer from the Nausori Police Station, who in a very short period of time has risen to the rank of ASP!

When the Police Chief openly flaunts corrupted practices by being sold for a pot of curry, who knows what else gets traded behind the closed door of his office during his curry brunch? I can say for certain, the discussions ain’t about how nice the curry tastes!

The biggest corruptive act was TREASON!

Just shows how deep they have fallen into the abyss. If a pot of curry is openly flaunted, one is fearful of imagining the major hidden deals going on behind closed doors?

As for the true identity of this Police Officer, you can verify this from your Tailevu contacts at the Nausori Police Station.

When Teleni enforced 6am morning Parades at Totogo, many Police Officers living off in the Rewa or Tailevu deltas after their shifts at night were too afraid of going home for fear of missing the mandatory 6am Parade and would subject themselves to make-shifts beds in Totogo, just to ensure they are present for the 6am Parade.

The whole of the car park at Totogo would be packed and a roll call made. Sick Police Officers themselves still showed up despite having Medical Certificates for fear of losing their jobs.

One Inspector met Teleni whilst he was walking into CPS, saluted him and said “good morning Sir.” Teleni stopped and said “I’ve never seen you before?” to which he replied “I work here at CPS.” Teleni then said “why haven’t I seen you at any of the Police Crusades?” He replied, “that’s because I am on shift at CPS.” Teleni instantly dismissed him on the spot!

I am told by reliable sources, this ASP from Nausori is one of those loyal supporters singing and actively involved during the Police Crusades! PUSH TAILEVU!

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