Monday, March 01, 2010

Story of Former & Professional Fiji Soldiers

How can we sing the LORD's Song and say BULA Vinaka in a strange land

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A message to all members of Iraq Fijians

Dear All,

The Commercial Logistics Delivery Assistance (CLDA) Project which had been borne of Armorgroup Iraq (AGI) for the US Forces in Iraq from September 2008 is coming to its conclusion in March 2010. This project saw the elevation of Fijians in Armorgroup before it was bought by Corporate giant G4S from 'Gunners' and 'Drivers' to Vehicle Commanders, Team Second in Command and at times even as Team Leaders. It also saw to one of the vehicle commanders being posted as Project Operations Coordinator, a posting that had some technical internal difficulties which was no fault to the Fijian appointee

This particilar project CLDA also saw the inception of Iraq Fijians, a site with lots of promise and potential but had not been able to live its capability as it is a new thing for most of us to share what some may call our hard earned tactics and success stories; something Fijians will soon find that partnership and networking are the buzz words of today as they upscale and multiply the effective and efficient processes that is needed for successful development and progress

We at Iraq Fijians are hopeful that the progress made by the members of G4S so as for others in the different contracts of G4S, like PSD, AUL and those doing Aviation Security which I am not familiar with, and other Fijians in the various private security companies in Iraq and and Afghanistan and elsewhere will mean for the future that as proven by Fijians in other Theatres of Operatiopns around the world, Fijians are able to do from gunners and drivers to vehicle commanders, Team 2ICs, Team Leaders, Operations Manager, Training Manager and as it will happen soon, Country Director

The end of CLDA will not mean the end of Iraq Fijians for the possibilities capable of being achieved through this site remains and the offer will be extended for those who see the opportinity and exploit them to make these possibilities real.

May God bless Iraq and may God bless the Iraq Fijians

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