Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Sergeant Rokotuiloma the SDL Supporters Abuser

The name of the leader of the soldiers who abused and assaulted the SDL supporters taken up to the military camp last week can now be revealed.

One of those taken to the camp said when they were taken to camp with the 2 SDL MPs they were interrogated and made to run around the rugby ground under the orders of a Sergent from Tailevu by the name of Rokotuiloma.

Two of the guys who wore glasses had them smashed because they said something that angered the interrogators who were drunk soldiers. As for him they recognised he was from Tailevu so they treated him well. In the end Rokotuiloma asked him if he knew anything about the (over 600,000) petition signed and delivered to the PM Voreqe personally. To this he replied that he read about it in the Fiji Times.

After that he was released with the others at 5.00am on Saturday morning. He fears for his life and that of his family because this military regime is known to have picked up people and beat them up in camp.


Two soldiers were assaulted at Davuilevu Housing 2 weeks ago confirming growing public anger at the level of abuse and ill-treatment of civilians by the military in Fiji.

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