Friday, March 05, 2010

Madigan wades in on Khan, MARCH 5, 2010

The Fiji Broadcasting Corporation is reporting more of Justice Paul Madigan's comments about the New Zealand businessman, Ballu Khan.

The government-owned radio networks says in sentencing the eight men convicted of plotting to assasinate Frank Bainimarama, Madigan maintains Khan orchestrated the plot.

The FBC says even though Khan was not in court, the judge singled him out for masterminding the plot, "probably in concert, initially, with his business partner, Ratu Inoke Takiveikata."

Justice Madigan is reported as saying the military take-over in December 2006 created a class of dispossessed – people and companies who had great privileges, benefits and influence under the SDL government.
He said Ballu Khan was one of these people, and the change of administration saw his and his company’s fortunes wane overnight.

According to the FBC story, Madigan said that with allegations of corrupt behavior, Khan must have been more than anxious to restore his fortunes to their former felicitous state.

FBC goes on to say: Judge Madigan said it was quite apparent that every one of these accused, apart from Metuisela Mua, was connected in some way to Ballu Khan – whether as a business partner, or an employee in some capacity.

Khan was arrested with the other accused in 2007, but was released following a successful stay application in November 2008.

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