Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fiji’s brain drain is unavoidable

Fiji Live - March 10, 2010
The National People’s Charter Advisory Council say they will try to prevent the exodus of educated Fijians migrating overseas because their skills are needed to move the country forward.

This, the 16-member Council which reconvened yesterday, said was common for Indo-Fijians.

Council chairman Josefa Serulagilagi said it was difficult for Government to retain qualified people because of an existing tendency to leave for greener pastures.

“There is clearly a low representation of Indo-Fijians in senior civil service positions and heads of mission overseas,” he said.

He said despite their best efforts to change the situation, most Indo-Fijian civil servants leave the country when the opportunity is presented to them.

“This has been a dilemma of past years with our Indian officers, they think that they get their degree and their qualifications and that the greener pastures are overseas and not in Fiji.”


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