Friday, March 05, 2010

Fiji Kangaroo Court Convicts and Jails

Letter from Fiji about the Kill Plot Case

Bula vinaka

"Yesterday I tried to speak to one of the boys who was at the SDL office on Friday night. He confirmed the incident. (SDL supporters being assaulted and abused then taken up to the military camp)

He was so fearful he could not even speak to me on his mobile and he asked me to chat with him on email. I tried last night but could not get him and I will try again today.

We are awaiting the ruling from the Kangraoo courts of the Bainimarama regime. We now know the verdicts and the sentences.

The assesors have been threatened and also the Judge and a lot about Fiji's future will rest on the decison.

This is the beginning of something coming out of the "Take Back Fiji" operation."

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