Thursday, March 04, 2010

Ex-PM's quarters for rent

Fiji Times - Thursday, March 04, 2010

THE former prime minister's residence is one of the State quarters on offer for market rental.

Public Service Commission permanent secretary Parmesh Chand said expected annual rent from 12 quarters in the Domain area was $200,000.

The commission has rented out 10 quarters so far.

Eight homes are among the 12 quarters undergoing renovation and two were rented previously without renovations.

Mr Chand said market price rental ranging from $1000-$2500 would be charged depending on the size of the quarters.

He said previous rent was $134 per month, generating only $17,400 per annum.

"Suva has a total of 200 government quarters within the Muanikau and Domain area," he said.

Ten more homes have been identified for renovation and work on these buildings will begin soon.

Mr Chand said there had been a positive response from members of the public.

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