Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bainimarama; Where is Former MP Peceli Rinakama

Fiji Lawyers running scared. No one will represent the missing Peceli Rinakama.

by fijitoday on March 11, 2010

Representatives of FijiToday contacted three lawyers today asking them to approach the Police and Military about the whereabouts of Peceli Rinakama.

They were offered an immediate retainer for this service with a letter from an Australian Bank guaranteeing payment of all costs incurred.

All three law firms declined to be involved in the issue. One cited that their practicing licenses were now very fragile.


What pressure can we put on the goons to at least tell us if he is alive. As time goes on we must expect the worst. While he was a fool to lose control and abuse the soldiers outside the court it is not grounds for his assult or death.
I am extremely concerned about the report of a body in a army truck on the Lutu Track. This is an area of heavy bush and a good hiding place for a body.

We please with all the tribal people belonging to the Taukei ni Waluvu to rise up take your stand in your Nation of the country of your birth. Your Chief has been robbed of his innocence likewise the rest of the other 7. We call on the whole country of Fiji to rise up, get ready and show your authority in your land. This is the one reason, this is the one time and ENOUGH IS ENOUGH…

the disappearance of Peceli Rinakama and as someone said they saw the hands and body of a man being transported up Naitasiri way, to inland where we suppose, his body would be thrown, as one would do to a dead animal. Help him Lord that this is not so.

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