Monday, March 01, 2010

Bainimarama is Ali Baba & His 40 thieves

by Kuna Osea Malanitabua Posted on
01 March 2010

Sai's Comments:
  • An example of a heartfelt plea from someone who dearly loves his country of Fiji and just wished it to be rerurned to its proper and former glory. Read on...
VB you are like Ali Baba and his 40 thieves..who in your lack of wisdom stole their Human Rights and rights to be governed by the Government they elected through the Ballot Boxes. Your motives were wrong and your acts of aggressions are baseless and stealing is a dehumanising act and wrotten to the core.

You blame and claim that LQ ran a corrupt GOVERNMENT and by stealing it from the people and putting it right was the only way out. So far you point your finger of blame to LQ and use the barrel of the guns to frighten the citizens and threatened them to give support to your worthless and greedy cause. Every move you made is a step backward in the Economic Development of Fiji, which was once a rich nation with abundance of Natural Resources and full of happiest people on Planet Earth as oftened remarked by tourists who arrived in droves from our good and supportive neighbours NZ and OZ.

For decades they stood by us by providing assitance in manpower, gifts worth billions in monetary forms. Despite being kicked in the teeth by you VB, a selfish and degrading act from someone who has nothing between the ears, the two neighbours remain a tower of strength and highly commendable. What have they done to deserve such a treatment and put Fiji into shame and weakened the rapport that had been built over the years?

While NZ and OZ thrive during the World's worst recession, Fiji is tittering on disater and VB and his Illegal Government are taking the country towards a blind alley and with more decrees that will definately send Fiji to the Abyss. The Money will run out soon and without it there is little hope for the future so poverty and hunger set in and the will to live will diminish creating untold damage.

VB, the people of Fiji deserve better and for the last 20 years the Military has shattered their lives, blackened their names with the most friendly and helpful neighbours, and their only hope for survival is to return the Democratic Government and fully restore their Human Rights.

There is no 2014, VB, you have received petitions from the citizens which highlighted your illegal acts, killing and torturing innocent people, false accusations and lies. Having been found out, you need to surrender because you are guilty of fraud and worse then Ali Baba and his 40 THIEVES. Brave men will be remembered and admired by their folks, but man like you VB have no value in their lives and are easily forgotten because of selfish acts.

In the History Book you will be remembered as a culprit who is greedy, gutless, coward, a user, waster, lier, tormentor and a thief from Bagh.... So long VB your time is up, you might as well give up the Ghost, bow your head in shame and retire and let Freedom prevail in the shores of Fiji where birds sing melodious songs and make people happy and greet each other with a very Big Authentic Smile...the best trade mark for our beloved country, Feejee.. Fiji..Viti.

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