Saturday, February 13, 2010

Treason to include ‘political violence’

Fiji Live News - February 13, 2010

Fiji’s new Crimes Decree sees urging political violence or inciting communal antagonism, an offence under treason, says former High Court judge, Nazhat Shameem.

“This is an offence when you intentionally urge another person to overthrow by force or violence the Constitution of Fiji, Government of Fiji, or the legal authority of the Government of Fiji,” Shameem told FijiLive.

Shameem, who is now a private consultant, has been holding workshops for State prosecutors and the media on the new decree.

Treason is now defined under section 64 as an “indictable offence when a person causes the death of the President or the Prime Minister; or causes harm to them which results in their death; or levies war against Fiji or acts preparatory to levying war or engages in conduct that assists an enemy at war with Fiji, or instigates a person to make an armed invasion of Fiji forms an intention to do any act referred to in a preceding paragraph and manifests that intention by an overt act.”

“What the section has done in relation to treason is to codify the common laws and make boundaries whereas previously, it did not have boundaries other than in the common law, that actually said what sort of conduct treason is,” she added.

Shameem said the offence of inciting hatred and dislike between communities, promoting feelings of enmity between different communities or prejudicing public peace by creating feelings of communal antagonism is now in a separate section in the decree.

“This offence has similarities of the offence existing under the Public Order Act and is simply about prohibiting hate speeches,” she explained.

Prohibiting hate speeches ????...There is something for Driti, Bainimarama and all these regime representative. How would a speech be classified as a hate speech, would one that is politely put but insinuating hatred be free of prosecution ?

I mean, Driti should be prosecuted for saying they will hunt down Fijians who speak against the regime, how does favour under that decree ? ...or how about if I post in the Fiji Times something like this,

Bainimmarama and Driti are cowards, they haven't undergone any courses that qualifies them to attain officers ranking, and were found to have paid Ganilau alot of monet to become Colonels in their respective corps.

Do I get prosecuted for that ? because I am sure, that they will want to shoot me for those kind of remarks !!!..In both cases though, the hatred will be on the Regime's side, that is where hatred was conceived, accumilated and hoarded. The proof is in the human rights abuse.

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