Sunday, February 28, 2010

Response to Abusive Pro-Regime Bloggers

Suliasi Daunitutu Responding to Abusive Pro-Regime Bloggers
Posted on - 28 February 2010


I did'nt actually read Timoci Taukei's verbal abuse directed at me, but judging from the way you all responded I think Taukei Timoci must have realised that he cannot stop the Democracy train that has left the station, and he wasn't on it.

The past few days has seen the abuse of people in Fiji intensify to a level that can only be explained as paranoia and a level of insecurity that is making Bainimarama very uneasy.

We can't change anything Taukei Timoci, the 680,000 signatures speak for themselves, you can torture people, you can line them up in two or six files, the truth won't change, they want a democratically elected government.

The break in at Vilisi's residence in Caubati, just to look for my phone number, the constant hassling of Dr. Samisoni with rude phone calls, and now the detainment of ex elected parlimentarian shows that you do believe us. What's there not to believe ?

Like I said, the second part of our plan is on its way Timoci and Bainimarama, there is only a few people to contact and a few little things to be in place before we serve up the second slice of the cake that will make you and your government know, you don't have the support you claim you have.

When Bainimarama grills his officers and tell them “how could you miss this petition with 600,00 signatures” it tells me that it is eating him and his confidence in his own propaganda has left him to stand alone in the face a democratical tysunami, which will also collect him and dump in the highlands unceremoniously.

People's anguish, anxiety and suffering should not be unattended, especially if you want to be a leader, because your popularity amongst the populace or lack of it, can be the making of your downfall. You can build a million raods, hundreds of bridges, or scores of fishponds, but at the end of the day, the family needs to pay bills, send kids to schools, put food on the table and make sure that they are all draped.

The affects of the petition has now being realised in Fiji, and, for our compatriots. Bainimarama is livid and cannot fathom how such a major move went under his nose undetected, but it wasn't hidden, it was always posted here and all other blogs, and soldiers like Vula Tabuadua were even mocking me about it. I guess they are not laughing now.

I want to tell those soldiers, when I say that this movement is going to deliver something, they should take heed because it is impossible for the network of pro democracy believers to abandon our fellow Fijians, and second, this fight is far more important than the regime will ever grasp in their devious and over inflated brains.

As for you Timoci, I really don't want to waste my time on you, as Waqatairewa said, we shouldn't even waste our breadth or time trying to respond to such garbage, because what we have to achieve here, is about a whole country, not a few people who can see that their livelihood will soon be taken away from them, when an elected government returns to run our country. Where is your posting anyway ?

What Taukei can do is tell Bainimarama about our next move, so he can be awake to it, tell him it will also be hand delivered and his reaction is not really important to us. What is important that he knows we the people of Fiji will not rest until we have our own government and people can say their mind without fear of intimidation or vilification.

The 1997 Constitution has to be restored, and all your law by decrees find their way to the tip where they belong, those laws already exist in the Constitution anyway.

All those Sri Lankan are to be deported, Gates taken to task with the whole illegal government and your supporters, that includes you Timoci. All sacked workers will be reinstated and retire at 60 or when they chose to retire. The cane farmers will brought back their own little luxury that they always enjoyed, and pay will be eventually adjusted to noramal rates.

In the meantime, you can abuse me all you can, it will not change anything about the way this fight is going to be taken to Bainimarama, and we will see who prevails, or we'll see who is the last man standing.


ginny said...

What Dee said is true. The military just cannot grasp the strength of the Democratic movement for Fiji world wide. They do not understand the power of modern Technology. What the military say in silence we hear loud and clear and what they do not want known we will tell.As Suli had said " the train has left the station" and the coup supporters were late for the departure and so they like Bainimarama will soon bite the dust as we take Fiji into a far better 21st century than the B?S reform that ainimarama is forcing on the people of Fiji.Soon it will be as Martiun Luther King Junior said of his equality struggle
"Free at last Free at last, thank God almighty we are free at last." For now our cry will be soon to be Free at last.

Sai Lealea said...

Too right ginny. Others elsewhere are giving voice and hope to the silenced people of Fiji about the difficult times under the military regime there.

Even a large part of military people are beginning to let us know of their plight and the fact that they can't stand the lies told to them especially about designing ways and mean to hide the truth from the people of Fiji. This is what the some of the soldiers are telling us now and increasingly so.