Thursday, February 25, 2010

Reeves Hopes for Fiji’s Return to Commonwealth

Reeves hopes for Fiji’s return to Commonwealth amid Suva threat of severing link

Radio New Zealand International, 25 February 2010

The Commonwealth’s special representative of the Secretary General to Fiji, Sir Paul Reeves, says he hopes Fiji can be supported to take its place again as a full member of the Commonwealth.

Sir Paul’s comments come after Commodore Bainimarama told the Fiji Broadcasting Corporation that he would consider withdrawing from the Commonwealth if the association of countries continued to meddle in attempts to move the nation forward.

Sir Paul says the Commonwealth is watching and waiting for progress in Fiji.

“Well of course the Commonwealth observes what’s happening and is supportive of the movements to strengthen the relationships. The Commonwealth in fact has suspended Fiji from full membership but it does not mean that they have been evicted. We seek to help Fiji return to full membership.”
Sir Paul Reeves denies the accusations of meddling by the Commonwealth, saying after his visit to Fiji in September last year to talk with Commodore Bainimarama, he is willing to return again when the time is opportune.

Response by Suliasi Daunitutu, posted on

Sir Paul is not the right man for any reconcilliation plans. He had stuffed up the first time, there is no guarentee for a better result a second time around, not with Bainimarama anyway.

The Commonwealth should not entertain any thoughts of inviting Fiji to dialogue, as the arrogance from the Illegal PM will make them look stupid in their good faith and intentions.

No one is getting the message, we don't care who becomes the PM, as long as he is elected by the people. We are not worried about the infrastructure or economy, first get an election, then the International connumity will come to the party.

All these things Bainimarama thinks he is doing, will be done better and the economy will efficiently provide or recover all that has been lost.

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