Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ratu Inoke Claims His Innocence

Fiji Broadcasting Corporation - Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Naitasiri high chief Ratu Inoke Takiveikata told military intelligence officer Peniasi Kuli to keep his assassination ideas to himself, the Suva High Court has heard.

Ratu Inoke, one of the 8 men accused of plotting to assassinate the Prime Minister, said Kuli approached him one evening after he put out an ad in the newspapers calling for reconciliation.

He said Kuli informed him of his assassination plans.

Ratu Inoke then accompanied Kuli to Ballu Khan’s home where he briefed Khan of Kuli’s plans.

He says he then asked Khan not to let Kuli anywhere near them again.

Ratu Inoke also denied being part of any of the 14 meetings that was chaired by Kuli, former CRW soldier Barbados Mills and former Pacific Connex manager Sivaniolo Naulago.

He also said that when he went down to Nadi to watch a rugby match between Naitasiri and Nadi, he only reached as far as Namaka where the Naitasiri team was and left straight for Suva after the game.

He says he did not go to Sabeto, Nadi where an alleged meeting on the assassination took place

Fiji Broadcasting Corporation

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Response by Suliasi Tabanitutu - Canberra, ACT

This is not a good sign for the men and women of Naitasiri who are in the military as is the case with Lance Corporal Kuli, who is from Naitasiri. The allegations against his high chief in which he is appering as witness for the state has evolved into a scenario where the Turaga na Qaranivalu has spoken in a rather harsh manner towards one of his own people.

The allegations which have now seen twists and turns and even moments where perdjury has been committed, is losing its bite and the soldiers are in a very tricky situation where they will not fulfill their commander's wish and also feel the wrath of the Vanua. There is nothing to be gained from satisfying a madman, who is known all around Fiji for letting other take the heat or the bullet for him.

He is a man who cannot stand up for what he believes in because he doesn't have the foresight , qualification, or ability to lead. He will alsways be getting favours and will get to places through his alliance, not merit. You can all see the evidence in the way he speaks.

As for those who think that Bainimarama is a chief, I am sorry to tell you he is not one either. He is not the type of person Fiji needs to take us into the 21st century.

The soldiers who have been brainwashed by this lunatic will have to be careful with how they talk against their chiefs, they will not be soldiers forever and will return to the village at some stage of their lives. Kuli has not found favour in the eyes of his chief and that will have dire consequences for him and his family.

In the meantiime, the Petition is still being talked about around Fiji, as people are starting to have some faith in the Fijians outside of Fiji coming to their aid.

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