Monday, February 01, 2010

PMs visit a blessing to Kadavu

Fiji Broadcasting Corporation, February 01, 2010

The former chairman of the Kadavu Provincial Council Ratu Jo Nawalowalo has welcomed the support given by the chiefs and people of Kadavu to the Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama.

Ratu Nawalowalo, a strong supporter of the current government’s People’s Charter, says the Prime Minister’s visit to Kadavu was a blessing.

‘The visit by the Prime Minister Commander Voreqe Bainimarama to Kadvu just last week was a blessing in disguise and saw an overwhelming support of the people and chiefs of Kadavu towards the present Interim Government .I am very pleased as a leading advocate and supporter of the peoples charter that this has happened with a total support of all the chiefs and people of Kadavu'.

Ratu Nawalowalo said the people of Kadavu appreciated the opportunity to ask questions to the PM and submit their proposals for village projects.

He has also called on the other 13 provinces in the country to support the government.

‘I certainly would like to call all the 13 provinces in Fiji and the chiefs and people to also pledge their support for their interim government which will ensure smooth transition for democratic elections in 2014 .Between now and the elections we must all remove all our negative and political agendas and allow the government to fully implement its reform policies which will guarantee peace and prosperity for our future generations’


meli said...

jo nawalowalo kua so na masivolo kei na mino na cakacaka dra sa toso jiko ga na sojia kei na ovisa nodrai wilwili.ko iko mo sotavi ga i dua na pub mo mim ica khe.

Sai Lealea said...


Levu sara e vakatitiqataka nai naki ni siko qo i Kadavu! Me kila ga o Voreqe ni ra tagi lo tu na lewe ni vanua ni ra gadreva na veiliutaki e vakalawa ka liutaki ena veidigitaki ni lewe ni vanua ka sega mai na gusu ni dakai.