Saturday, February 27, 2010


SREALFIJINEWS - 27 February 2010

  • Lets state the obvious, that the key to Fiji's development and prosperity is a democratic and accountable civilian government. That our peoples' cannot prosper when a bunch of thugs exploit our common property. Right?

    Maybe for us and only if we still lie to ourselves that the junta have the peoples best interest at heart. You see when the junta says they want to clean up and reform and move Fiji forward what they really mean is that they wish to clear the way to build a NEW FIJI. Sounds like going down the beaten path, but what exactly is this NEW FIJI?

    The Bitter Truth is that unless we unite and act as one NOW to demand our inalienable right to choose our leaders, we need to stop dreaming about democracy, the rule of law and human rights,if we want things to revert to the FIJI that was is and can be.

    Bananarama has presented us with a truly opportune moment to unite since all major political parties which comprise 97% of the population are unable to participate in a non existent 2014 election, so perhaps the only party that would qualify would be the Islamic League, $50 Eveli and Bananarama.

    We are on a path towards great suffering and oppression that will explode into total chaos with the imposition of permanent martial law and the total dissolution of the past and present systems, institutions and mechanisms of western democratic government, bureaucracy and international diplomacy as we have known it, in short a 'radical change' into slavery and dependence on the junta.

    Our Nation has and is moving into a new paradigm of change. It has gone too far down this path of destruction, but it is a necessary destruction that seeks in the end to achieve their ultimate purpose. We are at the dawn of a cataclysmic tragedy and nobody will be there to pick up the pieces for us.

    All public services and governance systems including the entire civil service, judiciary, ministries and departments and public utilities that we see before us pretending to be working will cease to exist, because the military junta would not need it to exist to survive, to rule, to oppress and to enslave any more. Summary judgment on the spot will be the order of the day.

    Such is the lust for power, the power of greed and the personification of evil. The junta will abandon the people as intimated by its puppet. They will not have the ability, capacity or need to pretend to govern. The erosion has been gradual and consistent and they know how to divert attention with multiple big bangs when we hit the heart of the real problems. But these problems are not insurmountable, in fact they are just utilizing every single opportunity to use the present international financial architecture so long as they buy more time, but what exactly are they waiting for?

    Once our new renewable energy sources have been fully commissioned, prepare for the arbitrary acquisition of private and communal property without compensation. And no we are not talking about sugar, Frank is after much more valuable resources then some in-arable weed infested parched farm land, resources that even landowners do not know exist but which will be compulsorily acquired and exploited by the junta. Yes most of you will laugh this off, fortunately we are a very rich Nation, unfortunately the people will never know of their mineral wealth until it has been acquired and commercially exploited solely by the junta in their personal capacity with imported human resources and technology.

    That is why they must wait for the main island of Viti Levu to be 100% self reliant in terms of our energy security which although the FEA have pledged would be ready by 2011 is highly unlikely but surely achievable in the next 3 years if the finances pull through for the R&D of this relatively new technology. We must never forget we are surrounded by Ocean and will be transformed into the renewable energy grid for the entire South Pacific.

    In terms of our food security as advised last year the processes are in motion to introduce terminator technology and to wean our farmers off their organic seeds with GMO replacement.

    In short, it is the ultimate control of energy, water and food that will lead to the peoples acceptance of the junta out of necessity, unless we bring this to an end NOW.

    And if you think they have not prepared for total isolation from the International Community, in terms of economic sanctions, think again, they have been stockpiling arms, ammunition, food, medicine, and fuel for some time now and when they do run out then guess what your house is their house.

    Our largest trading partners together with their private citizens investment in our country have a lot to lose, and the day will arrive when they will all have to leave everything behind and take a one way flight out of coup coup land, that is the political economic and investment risk that we have harped about all along.

    What of the people you ask, well the people will be enslaved to the military owned and operated farm lands, to feed you know who.

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