Sunday, February 28, 2010

Military Harassment of Innocent Civilians Continues

Report from Fiji Confirming Military Harassment of Innocent Civilians Continues

Posted on - 28 February 2010

Bula all,

Notice that Jack is still stalking me at about 10pm Saturday 27/2/10. After I rang Tikoinasau on the storming incident at SDL Office, Jack was really jittery as my mobile rang about 6 times, I heard Tikonasau talk on the other end, but he did not know that we were connected. When I saw Jack number on my screen as well, I text Tikoinasau quickly to switch his mobile off. I hope to see him tomorrow.

By the way I can only do what I can to get this info out to the respective governments and their diplomatic offices. I think you are in a better position to forward the information that this Illegal Interim Regime is a thug regime

Today I was informed by a very reliable source that VB mid last week called together the Army intelligence and asked why they missed picking up the plans of the political parties, NGOs, Civil Societies and Democratic Movements globally organizing their 640,000 petition to him and his government to have an election this year.

This is a big plus because the political parties represent the people and 640,000 is a lot of people.

Suli do you have a copy of the signatures from the respective Parties. You should keep it in CD form as well for all and one each for the signatories and one each for the Democracy Movement Chapters, globally.

This will make a good film for a case on democracy and power back to the people.

Apparently VB was livid. So his toilet paper remark about the petition is not what it seems. He is very worried that he does not have the people behind him and also in his very own back yard the RFMF. The only people that he has are the low intelligent goons.

Kai Macuata.

Comment by Suliasi Daunitutu

- So much for the brave talk, when deep inside there is a genuine fear. I know that he has doubt about his own officers now, and so he should, because I have a few more emails here that came from officers of the RFMF who are contemplating leaving because of shame and embarrassment, of facing the people about where they have taken the country and the lies they keep telling to prop Bainimarama.

The officers who have emailed me go to work in the morning hoping that one day soon this will all end and Fiji get back to how we always were. They might be older soldiers, but they know that Bainimarama has taken them on a road that they will regret for the rest of their lives.

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