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Meat Dust for Human Consumption - Father Barr

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27 February 2010

"whilst the Ministry of Finance is waiting for the 1 billion Fijian dollar bailout from the IMF, Father Barr now brings to the fore an issue which is unfortuately too real and growing.
  • if you go around to supermarkets and butchers in the Suva area to buy meat dust (i.e the waste material from the butchers) for feeding the dogs at home you will have found over the last few months that its increasingly scarce - the reason ? its now being purchased for human consumption by families who cannot afford to otherwise buy meat.
  • at 25 cents to 50 cets a kg its the cheapest (and unsuitable for human) source of meat available - the dust from meat processing is gathered up from the cutting floor by the supermarkets/butchers and normally sold for dog feed.
  • every week i go looking around for meat dust from the Suva butchers - and its getting increasingly harder and harder to find because its being purcased by families as a source of cheap protein.
  • I was surprised to be told at a supermarket here in Suva that its being purchased for human consumption - and is in demand.
  • this is the unfortunate reality of an economy which is not growing and creating wealth for its people.
  • President Clinton said it in 1993 - its the economy, stupid.
  • that's the centre piece of any developmetal model - a sustainable and durable economic framework.
  • and we won't get that sorted out by seeking 1 billion dollar bailouts from the IMF without first resolving our own serious and significant systematic issues."

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