Tuesday, February 16, 2010

In Defence of the Fijian Chiefly System

by Free Fiji - 16 February 2010

In argument of logic, to appeal to the ‘Fallacy of Belief’ where this line of “reasoning” is false because the fact that many people believe a claim, does not, in general, serve as evidence that the claim is true.

What the illegal interim regime and its coup apologists have been trying its very best, is to vilify and claim that Fiji’s present political predicament lays squarely at the feet of the Fijian Chiefly System viz a viz “the old elite.” The latest international proclamation by verbose Peceli Vocea in Geneva, “On each occasion that a new government has been voted into power, the old elite who benefited financially from the previous established government has been able to successfully destabilise the government and replace it with its own supporters and representatives.” (FT 15 Feb 2010)

It is as if doing away with the old elites will solve the problem even though Sociology 101 teaches that ‘politics is about the elites.’ And all you can succeed in doing is only replace one with another. Bainimarama’s subjective pluralism enforced by a coup de tat is testimony to the ‘mother’ of all old elites – military elitism. So it was with Communism and Marx’s subjective pluralism and see where the Soviet Union ended –In the dustbin of history. Even in liberal democracies you will always have political elites. Just who are these old elites, who “benefited financially” and where’s their enthroned booty? In Swiss bank Accounts akin to Mobutu, Marcos and Suharto, the top three worst dictators and kleptocrats of the last century.

How about our big Five?

Relatively speaking in Fijian, Nothing to whistle about (sega ni da va’ kalukalu kina)!

Ratu Sukana died leaving his widow penniless and a pauper. Ratu Edward died renting in Tamavua and a ramshackle of a house on Bau Island. Ratu George left an ordinary property in Lami and got Mataweilagi done up courtesy of the government if not for the Queen’s visit to Bau. Ratu Penaia left his family wallowing in debt, thanks to Qarase who wrote it off. Ratu Mara for all those years in power from the 1950’s-2004, only had four properties, Lami, Tamavua including a house in Lomaloma and Tubou. If you weighed these legacies of ‘financial benefits’ against the roles that these chiefs played as the pinnacles of The Fijian political elite system in the development of the nation , a gross slur to these Chiefs have been done.

In any case and with the benefit of hindsight were the British colonialists in especially Gordon to destroy and create a new social system of rule? So what are you trying to create Frank, a chiefless society? We Fijians have moved on politically with commoner prime ministers and tawa vanua’s at the helm of state-Bavadra, Rabuka, Qarase and even YOU, Bainimarama, trying to shove down your brand of subjective pluralism. So stop lying to the masses-they need elites for them to follow, even if convolutedly and corruptly it is presently you and the old military elite! You hypocrite!

Kai Colo

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