Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I Suspect that Fiji is Bleeding to Death.

Posted on Matavuvale.com - February 22, 2010

By Emoni Cama

The Immigration Department is deliberatly keeping quiet the vital statistics that indicate the economic health of the country.

There has been no reporting of the number of Fijian citizens permanently emigrating and there has been no reporting of the ethnic and socioeconomic status of those departing.

Some statistics however are available and they appear to indicate the highest migration rate since the insane days after the first coup.

The Government has just spent $300,000 on 12,000 new passports. Two similar purchases were made last year.

The Immigration Department is issuing passports at an average of 125 per day. Only 30% of these are renewals.

Presuming that a new passport is only obtained if the person is about to travel overseas then 87.5 additional people are travelling overseas each working day above those that normally travel.

With the economic downturn worldwide it is unlikely that unskilled workers are obtaining overseas positions. Both Australia and New Zealand have tighted up on work permits in the last twelve months.

Reports from Nadi Airport indicate that over two thirds of those that tick the box to say they are leaving for good are Indo Fijians. The majority of those that leave are tradesmen or professionals.

This appears to shows a lack of faith in the current Governments ability to drag Fiji into the promised future.

I suspect that Fiji is bleeding to death with the loss of the very people we need to turn the country around.

Watch out for the renewed flow of expat leaches sucking on our life blood while filling these critical positions.

With the lack of elections and adequate representation it appears those that are able to are voting with their feet.

I fear for my sons future.

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