Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fiji Women Dress Code

18 February 2010

Sai's Comments:
  • Something to check out! But I would not be surprised if it is true given the stupid controls in place over the lives of people in Fiji.
  • What is surprising though, is the absence of a craftily designed decree by Ex Judge and Coup apologist, Shameem, setting out the finer rudiments of this dress code, wherein striking a balancing act would be the order of the day, between achieving dress equilibrium on one hand, and upholding the rights of Fijian women to decide for themselves what they wear. Such is the monumental absurdity that now sets the illegal regime in Fiji apart from all else!!
  • Word has just been received from a woman hairdresser in Fiji that from end of this month Fijian women will be prohibited from wearing pants in the city and having short mini cut hair style.
  • Instead they will be required to wear long skirts or sulu-i-ra and to wear their hair long, styled in the Fijian way.
  • According to the hairdresser, this requirement is not widely known but has been issued by government authorities.

We are seeking to verify this story as it clearly contradicts the Fiji Sun story below!!

Villagers to wear what they like: Police

Fiji Sun - 18 February 2010

Villagers should wear what they like, says the Fiji Police Force following reported cases of assaults in the Northern Division.

The ruling by police overrides Fijian protocol on dress codes for villagers when they are in the village premises.

Fiji Police Force public relations officer, Atunaisa Sokomuri said villagers should not be forced into wearing what they do not like.

He made the comment after two girls were assaulted by their village headman for wearing short pants and vests inside their villages.

In Fijian villages, females are prohibited from wearing pants (long and short) and vests because of protocol and custom.

The girls were assaulted because of breach of village protocol.

The first incident happened in Savusavu last month when a girl was on her way to Labasa Town with her mother when the village headman confronted her.

He allegedly assaulted (beat) her with a stick as she lay on the ground.

The village headman appeared at the Labasa Magistrates Court and his case is pending in court.

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