Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dictator Frank's Provincial Tour

I would like to make some observations about the dictator's provincial tour that is now in progress, and predicts his intentions for the future (his future), with a little lesson in the ingredients of good leaders and government.

The tour is a public relations exercise to test the working of his "NO SUPPORT, NO AID" policy. The news we are hearing (coming out of his own network FBC with his record censorship and lying techniques), must be biased and full of lies. He must also be feeling the water, for the eventuality of entering the 2014 election, if that does come about. But you see, he is a man of the moment and can change his mind at any time, because he knows that he has very little time- of freedom left. The world and his own shadow is closing in on him, making him tipsy, rude and unfriendly.

Let me just remind him and all his supporters that Government is much more than just building roads and bulldozing hard working civil servants - requiring educated men. Government should require a vast amount of education: in true history, government, languages, true and proven science, literature, and in all fields, which includes guard duties and blowing trumpets! Right governments should require kindness, selflessness, understanding, equity, trust, patience, and faith.

It should require men of courage, capable of great personal sacrifice; completely HONEST men, who always tell the truth, even to their own hurt.

It should require the understanding of the deep racial, social, and economic problems - the problems of health, education, and welfare, of conservation, of labour and management. It should require a depth and grasp of HUMAN NATURE, and real dynamic LEADERSHIP! It should require all these qualities, and a great many more.

We see quite the contrast in our leadership of Fiji today.

Instead of law, order, education, understanding, magnanimity, longsuffering, patience, kindness, justice, equity, trust. faith, a deep grasp of human nature, total lack of racial and religious bias, and all of the lofty qualities which should go into any government - we find selfishness and egotism, desire for personal gain and power, graft and corruption, lying, cheating, injustice, and many inequalities.

If well meaning heads of governments are at times helpless to extricate themselves

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