Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cane Growers' Association Supports Fiji PM

Fiji Broadcasting Corporation, February 16, 2010

The Sugar Cane Growers Association has now decided to give its full support to Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama and his government.

Cane Growers Association general secretary Bala Dass says they will support the Prime Minister’s efforts to take the sugar industry forward, despite their opposition in the past.

Dass says its no use going against the government as they are in power and cane farmers have no where else to go to resolve problems in the sugar industry.

The Association has also supported Bainimarama’s call to keep politics out of the sugar industry.

Bainimarama told cane farmers in Ra last Saturday that he dissolved the Sugar Cane Growers Council to remove politics from the industry.

Dass says he agrees with the prime minister that political interference in the Sugar Cane Growers Council and in the industry as a whole has had a negative impact.

Dass also welcomed the dissolution of the Sugar Marketing Company and the Sugar Commission of Fiji late last year…saying the two institutions were a burden on cane farmers and the FSC.

Bala Dass as Secretary of the Cane Growers Assocoation is in support of the illegal Government in Fiji as the only Institution that can better the condition of the Sugar Industry.This support is coming in too late now because the sugar industry is in chaos and only a funding from somewhere might save this Industry.
The EU Funds are not forthcoming and as long as Bainimarama does not have democratic election any time soon he can forget about the EU help. Maybe Bainimarama will turn again to FNPF to bail the Sugar Industry out. If he does this then pensioners better forget about their pension contributions to FNPF. Just for you info guys, it has been revealed to me that Bala Dass is a masipoloist for Bainimarama.

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