Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bainimarama to Become PM or President in 2014.

Posted on Matavuvale.com - February 16, 2010

Our source says the Military Council are concerned that Frank is indicating he will stand for election in 2014. He has been enquiring as to the likely powers of the PM or Presidents position.

It is expected that the new Presidents position will be an elected one with a term of five years and a general election will be held every three years.

The Military Council is also concerned that Frank is politicking with his visits to the provinces and has quietly started his campaign for election in 2014. They are concerned that this will take the emphasis away from the reforms the current government is trying to achieve and give all the kudos to Frank.

Personality politics is one of the historic traits that they are trying to remove from the next election.

They are also concerned that Frank is seeking to retain the position of Commander RFMF if he cannot have the Presidents position. His plan is to go on three years extended leave if he is elected PM.

As President he would retain the position of the titular head of the RFMF.

We have tried to confirm this information as it is critical to the future of Fiji but were unable to get a comment from any known members of the Military Council. We phoned via USA as an overseas reporter but were refused any comment.

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