Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Military commander to step down as interim leader in 2014

by Geraldine Coutts - Radio Australia: www.abc.net.au/ra
Feb. 14, 2010

- Fiji's military government says interim Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama will not be standing down as army commander ahead of democratic elections in four years time.

However, a senior government spokesman has confirmed reports that Commodore Bainimarama will relinquish his role as interim prime minister in 2014.

Interim government spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Nuemi Leweni has told Pacific Beat it is not known whether the interim prime minister will contest the election, but he is certain Commodore Bainimarama will not be quitting as the commander of the military."He relinquishes the appointment as prime minister, but not the commander," he said. "The appointment of commander will need to be discussed with whichever government comes into place."

Last week, local press reported Commodore Bainimarama as saying he will retire in 2014.

But Lieutenant Colonel Leweni claims a journalist misintrepreted the Commodore’s comment, meaning instead that he would stand down as the interim prime minister in the lead-up to elections.

Commodore Bainimarama has previously stated publicly that he will run for prime minister if that is what the people want.

Bainimarama must know by now that if he runs for PM in 2014 he is on his way to prison sooner than he wants. He is fooling himself with the supposed 60% support that his censored media is telling him.
But we know the truth and that is Bainimarama's only support is the hired guns of the mlitary that he has. He is fooling himself with the notion that when he uses force people will follow him. He is totally alienating hmself from the Fijian people.

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