Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Administration of Justice Decree amended

Sai's Comments:
  • This is a clear sign of a regime that is totally scared of outside scrutiny of its actions. Equally, it states quite clearly that it does not regard citizen's rights to challenge the decisions of its government, let alone in a properly constituted law court as an important check on the tyranny of the State.

  • Then again, when you come to power through illegal means, you will always want to stop others from finding out about your actions. This is a sign of a scared regime that is guilty of how it came into existence so it will for ever strive to conceal its dealings and decision-making from the people it is ruling over. What a sad situation for the people and a country to be in.

  • But they all know that sooner or later their illegal actions and policy of hatred will catch up on them and be visited on their families in the times to come.

Fiji Village News - 24 February 2010

A new decree that has amended the Administration of Justice Decree now ensures that no one can challenge a number of decisions made by the government, a Minister, the PSC or a statutory authority.

The decree which is now gazetted states that no court, tribunal or commission shall have the jurisdiction to accept, hear, determine or in any other way entertain any challenges at law by any person, or grant remedy to any person challenging the validity or legality of such decisions.

The decisions that cannot be challenged include the restructure or reform of any government public office, including corporatizing or privatizing any government department, ministry, statutory authority or government entity.

Another matter that cannot be challenged by any person is in relation to any changes to terms of service including the remuneration of any person in public office, statutory authority or government entity.

The alteration or amendment of terms of the conditions of employment of any person in the public service, including any changes effected through directions issued by the PSC by any memorandum or circular, also cannot be challenged in a court, tribunal or commission.

The decree states that this shall not affect any subsisting employment benefits such as salary, leave and like benefits of any individual in relation to their employment by the government or any statutory authority.

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