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US Tourist Threatened in Suva

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Letter by a US tourist threatened after using an internet cafe in Suva. Is this what Fiji has become? How sad for such a lovely place and undeserving for the proud and innocent people now ruled by an illegal and repressive military regime.

January 8, 2010

Peter Firkin Fijitoday Website

Dear Peter

In December I flew from LA to Nadi for a holiday with two other senior girls.

I am 54 and to be truthful am a bit of a complainer. We stayed in Nadi for the first few days and took a trip to Suva.

In Suva at an internet café, I sent an email to my elderly mother in which I complained about the heat and humidity and how the locals did not seem as nice and as friendly as last time I visited. I suggested that this was because the military had screwed up the country and I probably would not
bother coming back. For those who know me it was a typical moaning letter and my mother would have taken it with a grain of salt.

After leaving the café with my friends we walked down the main street and were opposite the Greenpeace building when my friends entered a shop and I waited outside.

A tall Fijian male approached me and said that I should go home as Fiji did not need people like me complaining and writing lies to other people. He said that if I kept complaining I might find my hotel room broken into and myself raped. It all happened so fast that I was stunned and said nothing as he walked on.

I went and got my friends and told them what had happened. We talked about it and decided to stay on until our flight home. Nothing happened but one of the other girls stayed with me in my room for the rest of the holiday.

I will not be returning to Fiji.

I sent a copy of this letter to the Fiji Tourist Bureau but have had no reply

Gloria Wilkie
South Georgia

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