Friday, January 29, 2010

Tuisolia Stay hearing complete - Thursday, January 28, 2010

THE hearing on a stay application by former Airports Fiji Ltd CEO Ratu Sakiusa Tuisolia ended yesterday.

Justice Daniel Goundar will decide on the proceedings by Tuisolia on the grounds FICAC withheld crucial information, abused court process and manipulated a scheduled trial date.

Tuisolia's lawyer Devanesh Sharma and FICAC prosecutor Madhawa Tennakoon presented arguments.

Mr Sharma raised the chronology of events and how FICAC amended charges against his client, in the process suppressing crucial information.

He said FICAC had initially charged Tuisolia for unauthorised use of a company credit card.

Mr Sharma referred to a statement by AFL finance manager Atish Chand, who stated the AFL board approved the expenditure.

He said the statement, was obtained by FICAC in 2008.

Mr Sharma said despite the discrepancies in proceedings, they were ready for trial between November 25 and 28. Two days before the trial, FICAC served volumes of discourses.

Mr Sharma said he presumed the late service of disclosures was a tactic to abort the trial date.

Mr Tennakoon said the amended charges were based on the same witnesses and statements and they did not see this as prejudice to Tuisolia .

Justice Goundar adjourned the case to March 19 for ruling on the stay application.

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