Monday, January 25, 2010

Trash food scavenging a concern

Trash food scavenging a concern for Lautoka council

Sunday, January 24, 2010

THE Lautoka City Council is taking all measures to ensure scavengers and members of the public do not to eat food labelled unfit for human consumption.

Council health inspector Ganeshwar Rao said they were that scavengers have been trying to remove discarded food from a rubbish dump site.

"We don't want people to take the discarded food for consumption," Mr Rao said.

"This is a concern for the council and that's why we've been digging large pits and burying the bad food.

"A week ago we had a situation where we buried discarded food items in Nadi. Once we had buried the pit, the council workers saw scavengers digging up the pits again.

"We had to call in the police and military to round up these people."

Mr Rao said it was important for people to understand that once food is dumped, it was not good for consumption.

He said following Cyclone Mick the council dumped frozen foods, chicken portions, butter, yogurt and cheese.

He said many of the food items had deteriorated and had thawed because of a blackout.

"That's why it is important for councils to carry out inspections of food serving places," he said.

"A few restaurants were put on warning last year - they had to clean up their act.

"It's a concern for the council because they are serving food from their kitchens."

Special administrator Nadi and Sigatoka Aisea Tuidraki said last year five eateries in Sigatoka were put on warning.

He said offending food outlets could be fined up to $1000 or the council could close the eatery down or take them to court.

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