Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Strategist Behind Illegal Decrees

T Realfijinews - 19 January 2010

  • The Root Cause of Frank Bainimarama's Illegal Decrees


    Many of you have been wondering what happened to former criminal judge Naz who could not swear an unlawful oath and take up public office after her disguise was purportedly abrogated.

    Well she has been very busy as THE chief Legal Consultant retained by the Office of the Attorney General and is paid more than our illegal Chief Justice's annual salary every time she puts pen to paper.

    She IS the Chief Strategist for all the wonderful decrees that have being churned out and then most recently delayed from enactment at the eleventh hour on her genocide road map to move Fiji Forward.

    We wish her well in her illegal endeavors and promise that in the end Justice will be done and she will end up behind bars because quite simply she is just another common criminal, nothing more.

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