Wednesday, January 06, 2010

PER Extended for Another 30 Days

Sai's Comments:
  • The worried look on the faces of the two coupsters below tell it all! Both are so afraid of what others think of them and their illegal rule and the policies they have put in place. That is why they can't live without clamping down permanently on the media and on opposing views to their misrule. Yet they have the guns so what is the problem?
  • Well the truth is they just don't have the brains to argue the merits, if any, of their position or policies. Surely if they have the same conviction as when they so boldly executed the coup, and explain away the reasons for it, don't they have the courage to also argue the strength of their position in front of the people of Fiji.
  • The PER is nothing more than an instrument to hide away their corrupt rule, away from the gaze of the innocent public. There are no more checks in place in Fiji on the illegal rule of this repressive regime. Judges are fired if they don't tow the line or question the authority of the regime to pick and choose who it prosecutes. It does not matter if the authority is acting outside its area of responsibility.
  • How long can our beloved Fiji stand this repressive regime that is getting worse everyday with no end in sight for the people to be able to freely choose who to run their government. One thing I know, when that day comes, none of the coupsters above and their sympathizers will ever get a vote of confidence from the people of Fiji. After all, this is why this repressive regime will seek to prolong their illegal rule so they can continue to live off the State coffers at the expense of the innocent people of Fiji.

The Public Emergency Regulation has been extended for another 30 days.
Permanent Secretary for Information Lt Colonel Neumi Leweni confirmed that the extension was made on the 3rd of this month. However, Lt Colonel Leweni said the PER is expected to be lifted soon.

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