Monday, January 25, 2010

The Leweni d'affaire - named and shamed

Nothing surprises us in Fiji much more ..... and the latest idiocy from the Regime produced loud guffaws from our neck of the woods.

Leweni-noni aka Kernel Bandmaster wants desperately to beat the sanctions imposed upon members of the military regime and their supporters and go and live in NZ ... hahahahahahahahahahaha ..... strewth !

S'cuse me while I get up off my ibe.

These people have got to be joking !

NZ and Australia do recognise that the sanctions ARE working - they were designed to impose travel restrictions upon the illegals that are now proclaiming themselves to be Fiji's legitimate rulers .. the same illegals that continue to be extremely miffed that they are not allowed the freedoms that they themselves have imposed upon the Fijian people.

There will be a huge outcry in both NZ and Australia amongst the Fijian people that reside in those countries if NZ accede to this ridiculous demand by Bainimarama and his plotters. But of course this won't happen and here are the reasons why :

Mr Leweni - Neumi , before and since the coup of 2006 has been responsible for and answerable to the following events:

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