Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Government ads boost Fiji Sun

By: Fiji Broadcasting Corporation, January 12, 2010

Government advertisements are no longer being published in the Fiji Times newspaper, with all government ads now directed to the rival Fiji Sun.

Government spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Neumi Leweni confirmed to FBC News that the policy was implemented last year and is ongoing.

“That was the decision that was made when we saw Fiji Times was not really willing to work closely with government and a decision was made that all advertisements be directed to Fiji Sun.”

Fiji Sun Chief Executive Officer Peter Lomas told FBC News the newspaper is delighted that the Government is supporting the country's only locally owned daily newspaper.

Lomas said that because it is locally owned and controlled, the Fiji Sun is fully committed to helping move Fiji forward and build a better Fiji.

He said this also means that revenue stays in Fiji rather than being shipped off to Australia.

Lomas told this station that in the past six months the Fiji Sun has made big gains in both circulation and advertising.

Fiji Times Managing Director Anne Fussell told FBC News it was not appropriate for her to comment on commercial decisions made by third party entities.

Fiji Broadcasting Corporation

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