Friday, January 22, 2010

Former Fiji coup leader stripped off his pension

Fiji Broadcasting Corporation, January 22, 2010

Former Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka had his official vehicle removed and his pension stopped by the Fiji Government on Tuesday.

Rabuka confirmed that he had received a letter from the Prime Minister’s Office, explaining the decision to him.

Soldiers came to his home on Tuesday to take his vehicle away.

Rabuka who led Fiji’s first coup in 1987 says he has accepted the decision.

He told FBC News “if anyone understands authority, they will follow authority”.

Rabuka is just one of the former civil servants who is affected by the recently gazetted Pensions Decree.

The Decree states that anyone who opposes the government will be removed.

Former Prime Minister Mahendra Chaudhry told FBC News he is in the West and has not been notified of anything to do with his pension.

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