Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fiji: This Week's Repressive Snapshop

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13 January 2010

This week, the NZ government announced proudly that it was improving relations with Fiji. Unfortunately, this improvement comes at a time when the illegal military regime is increasing its crackdown on its critics.

In the past week, the illegal Fiji regime has:

  • Extended emergency rule and media censorship for another 30 days;
  • Initiated a baseless prosecution of a prominent human rights lawyer for opposing the regime;
  • Sacked magistrates who ruled against the regime's prosecution;
  • Started a purge at the Suva City Council, targeting those suspected of opposing the regime;
  • Banned all religious conferences by the Fiji Methodist Church until 2014, on the basis that they are "spies" working against the military;
  • Deported Dr Padma Lal, solely because she is married to a critic of the regime;
  • Used food as a weapon to silence dissent, by cutting the pensions of regime critics
In this context, improving relations simply looks like rewarding bad behaviour.

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