Friday, January 29, 2010

Fiji offers marijuana alternative

Fiji Broadcasting Corporation, January 29, 2010

Government is building roads and supplying machines and planting materials to the people of Navosa as it tries to discourage people in the province from farming marijuana.

Commissioner Western, Commander Joeli Cawaki, says it is not only the police that’s taking the fight against marijuana to the people.

He says other stakeholders such as his office and the Ministry of Agriculture are also doing their bit.

Commander Cawaki says his staff are continually visiting marijuana farmers and advising them of the social and health problems marijuana brings to Fiji, especially to young people.

He says roads are being built to open up land that can be cultivated and the Ministry of Agriculture is supplying machines and planting materials to help people revert to farming other crops.

Already three tractors have been supplied to assist people in the Sigatoka Valley to cultivate their land.

Government also plans to build a processing plant in the province and to pay farm gate prices for all agricultural produce taken there.

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