Monday, January 25, 2010

Baledrokadroka Labels Leweni a Spy for Fiji in NZ

Sai's Comments:

- I did suggest also that Leweni will act as a mole or spy while in NZ. As Mike will know, there are a number of sympathizers in NZ, who Leweni will readily cuddle up to while regularly appearing on Radio Tarana in Auckland to justify the actions and policies of the illegal regime he is a key part of.

- NZ will weigh up the possibility of him getting involved in drumming up support for his bosses back home in such a way that will be inconsistent with the norms and behaviour of a diplomat. The NZ government will therefore be mindful of the possible impact on its credibility especially in the House, where it will be subjected to questions from other parties such as the Labour Opposition.

- The key question to ask: Given Fiji and NZ's desire to slowly normalise relations, is Leweni the right person? I think definitely not. The questions then is: Could there be another appointee to ensure the goals of moving towards reconciliation? It should not be too difficult as there would be more than a few qualified prospects, especially those untainted by the illegal takeover of a democratic government.

- Why then would Voreqe suggest Leweni? It comes back to his confrontational approach and to be seen to be taking advantage of the goodwill of a democratic nation. It is the mark of a man who thinks that bilateral relations between nations can also be conducted at a personalised and vindictive level where you're seeking to score one over your opponent. This of course is NOT DIPLOMACY, far from it. Leweni himself should be honest enough to recognise that he would be vastly incompetent to even think of fulfilling such a delicate balancing act. This despite whatever Driti may think of Leweni's suitability.

- Baledrokadroka is right on the mark on this point and he should know Leweni very well that he will be a failure and an embarrassment to Fiji. The NZ government is very well aware of these fine points and any sober analysis of the situation should only arrive at one answer- the rejection of Leweni as Counsellor in Wellington, NZ.

Fiji Sun - 25 January 2010

The relationship between the Republic of Fiji Military Forces and its former Land Force Commander, Ratu Jone Baledrokadroka further deteriorated yesterday.
This follows Mr Baledrokadroka’s claim through a New Zealand radio that Fiji’s nominee to the High Commission in Wellington will act as a spy.

His successor, Brigadier-General Pita Driti, has slammed the claims made by Mr Baledrokadroka.

Mr Driti said it was part of the High Commissioner’s work to report to his country and give updates on changes taking place. Mr Baledrokadroka who is in Australia told Radio New Zealand that Lieutenant-Colonel Neumi Leweni, Fiji’s Permanent Secretary for Information, who has been named for the nominee, would act as a spy.

The New Zealand government, however, has not made any comment on Fiji’s decision to put forward a senior military officer as its representative.

The two countries agreed two weeks ago to send representatives to each other’s capitals to improve diplomatic relations.

Mr Baledrokadroka said the nominee would act as a drummer who would report back to Suva on everything.

He claimed Fiji was playing political games with New Zealand in order to gauge its reaction.

Mr Driti said Mr Baledrokadroka had his own right to speak against Government.

He said Mr Baledrokadroka was seeking favour from New Zealand and Australia because he had no place to go.

“The comment did not come as a surprise to us,” he said.

Mr Driti said Mr Leweni did not accept the post to spy on the New Zealand government.

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