Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bainimarama’s Predatory State

Fiji Military Forces barracks up in Smokes Bainimarama’s Predatory State

By Free Fiji

Fiji’s illegal regimes new Criminal Procedure Decree that comes into effect on Monday 1st February 2010, are the final acts of a predatory state seeking Legitimacy- the life giving oxygen for its survival. Some four years later, this is it, the big, “Final Solution.”

For Baimimarama’s Predatory State, this is the last weapon it has to use to survive. The theory goes that the fear of life incarceration will finally bludgeon those critics of his regime and the people into submission.

It is cruel coercion plain and simple. Bainimarama’s military training with the Chileans has exposed him well to such draconian measures. That country was famous for silencing all and sundry critics.

This decree is chiefly concerned with protecting the Bainimarama regime and nothing more. Like Chilean dictator Pinochet who ruled for nearly two decades from 1973 this decree is used to ferret out and persecute political dissidents. Over 3,000 citizen of Chile were killed or are still missing as a result of such decrees.

Again there have been calls from some international coup apologists this week for Australia and New Zealand to relax Travel Bans in support of re-engagement. Even though Australia and New Zealand have been magnanimous enough to not slap trade bans on and not cut aid.

They argue you will get a better caliber of civil servants and those serving on statutory boards etc.

This is simply not true .What right minded person would want to sacrifice his/ her professional integrity for an uncertain future? Job security is non existent with a dictatorial regime, provided you are a lackey.

See what happened to the recently fired magistrates and DPP lawyers – arbitrary firing, no due process and avenue to redress.

Former Foreign affairs CEO Ratu Isoa Gavidi got the boot all for what? Giving the man sound diplomatic advice to enter into dialogue.

More so hoping meritocracy gets you to the top with the regime is a piped dream. Forget it.

Bainimarama posts his own people to tell him what he wants to hear.

Look at the wholesale sacking of nine government ministers back in 2007.

Basically what Bainimarama is saying is ‘Don’t confuse me with facts my minds made up!’

The latest grandstanding with New Zealand regarding Leweni’s posting is a sham. Why conduct a public campaign by releasing Leweni’s name in the open press if the Nadi meeting was all in good faith?

Obviously to pressure New Zealand in bad faith. As Driti openly admits, ‘they are testing the Kiwis’! I mean they tried the same thing with Malaysia as regards Driti’s posting. They politely and quietly refused without much fan fare and a firm, ‘Terima kasih menyimpan dia’ (thankyou- keep him- or even better – promote him!)

Bainimarama has a set mindset- in other words it is not in his DNA to Dialogue! New Zealand likes to be seen to understand the Pacific and it does in many ways. She did great with the Bougainville truce and peace accord.

But with Prime Minister Keys trying to play the honest broker (and elections around the corner) with a known serial liar- it is high risk for him. Bainimarama is only interested in regime survival. A return to liberal democracy with the military back to barracks is totally off the cards with him.

His brand of militarism is here to stay. So many good RFMF officers have lost their careers to attest to this. So stop fooling yourselves.

We are in for a protracted predatory military rule with the façade of democracy. Fiji’s society has become one big espionage network which the regime is trying its best to spread overseas to New Zealand and Australia with its sympathizes.

This has been the mode of operating for dictatorial regimes of the past. In Fiji people spy on their neigbours in order to curry favour with the regime.

In Australia and New Zealand these coup apologists suffer from messianic delusions that Bainimarama has the magic bullet but really have revenge as their underlying motive.

Why are there so many draconian decrees? Obviously it facilitates a false sense of legitimacy at the same time grandstanding to the world that the peoples’ regimented silence is acquiescence.

Why is the Land Force Commander defending the regime when you have a whole Ministry of Defence with Ganilau, his CEO etc that sits above him?

Indeed making overt threats to society at large is predatory mentality of the lowest animal order. They need the military watchdog to keep barking to frighten the very tax payers who they owe their living to. Compounding this mentality, the PM and his predatory state has been very generous in dispensing with others, honest work tax dollars to the military for keeping national security intact!

The national dialogue forum set for February 2010 for want of a better phrase is “simply pissing in each others pockets”. The puppet of a CEO at the PM’s office say’s “No race based political organization should be represented”. Well if that’s the case they should exclude the military because it is now the most race based political institution ever created by mankind not only in Fiji but the world with 99 % Indigenous Fijians.

Then again who cares, so long as we have our babakau and draunimoli tea.

Kai Colo

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