Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bainimarama Buying Allegiance in Kadavu

by: Loruama Tawawili
DFFM USA Branch.
31 January 2010

It has been conveyed to me from Nabukelevu in Kadavu that Bainimarama has taken a vey shameful approach in trying to sell himself as a credible leader to the people of Nabukelevu. Prior to his arrival in Nabukelevu his ADC, also of Nabukelevu, went ahead of the Illegal PM's party to explain to the people of Nabukelevu the purpose of Bainimarama's visit. His ADC was telling the people of Nabukelevu that the roads are being built,schools will be upgraded in infrastructure and teachers, the improvent of Government services , a new airpstrip to be built and the construction of a new Jettyy for the people of Nabukelevu if they show allegence and agree to everything that Bainimarama is trying to do.

Before Bainimarama arrived in Nabukelevu he made sure that all the roads were upgraded by Government workers which included some military engineers and that everything was just right for him to arrive. The people of Nabukelevu are now saying that they were glad that the roads that were already there were weeded out because the grass had grown back because there were no vehicles to use the roads.

Bainimara was seen by the people of Nabukelevu as someone trying to buy their allegiance. Now the people of Nabukelevu are seeing Bainimarama for the shameful tactics he is using to promote himself as a leader and the people of Nabukelevu are saying that compared to Qarase, Bainimarama is below being a novice. As I have said in the beginning this was conveyed to me directly from Nabukelevu.

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