Friday, December 04, 2009


Sai's Comments:

  • Sir Paul must be the only optimist about prospects of engaging the illegal regime in Fiji! He seem to think that Others must work with Fiji instead of the other way around!
  • It is waste of time to seek engagement with a regime that will only engage on its set terms. Where is the opportunity to exchange views as it is merely a one way event!
  • The illegal regime must show the inclination to credibly engage and signs todate are totally at odds with any serious expectation of a useful result.
  • Voreqe is not given to listening! Sir Paul needs to know this as he had already met him. All Sir Paul is doing by trumpeting a call for engagement with the Fiji leader is to sow seeds that he is a credible partner capable of active listening- He is not programmed for it.
  • The noose must be further tightened around the neck of the regime and to starve it of any semblance of credibility as it continues to flout all expectations of decent behaviour among the family of democratic nations. - 04 December 2009

A call made by the Commonwealth Special Envoy, Sir Paul Reeves, for New Zealand to change their stance towards Fiji has been welcomed by Government.

Sir Paul, who was the former New Zealand Governor General, reportedly told a Pacific Policy conference at Auckland University yesterday that sanctions against Fiji was not working.

“It’s time to change the strategy where foreign policy must offer a range of incentives and encourage the Fiji Government to engage,” he said.

When contacted, Permanent Secretary for Information, Lt-Col Neumi Leweni, said Sir Paul’s comment was based on the fact that he understood Fiji’s political situation. “Government would welcome any assistance that would enhance our plans to achieve our goals in the roadmap leading to true democracy,” said Mr Leweni.

Sir Paul went on to say that New Zealand’s foreign policy over Fiji including sanctions needed a review.

“Fiji needs incentives to move to democracy and not punishment. If Fiji’s leader, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, has stated that he wants democracy, so he must be asked what help he needs.” he continued.

Mr Leweni added that New Zealand had always chosen to look at Fiji negatively rather than on the bright side.

“Sir Paul understands the situation because he came here and had dialogue with the Prime Minister. New Zealand has decided otherwise, which is why they fail to see eye to eye and thus becoming a hindrance rather then assisting Fiji on its road back to true democracy,” Mr Leweni added.

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