Friday, December 04, 2009

What’s with Frank junta’s website?

Post by: Fiji Democracy Now

December 4, 2009

Government websites are supposed to transmit informative and clear messages, which is certainly the case when it comes to Fiji.

The recently revamped Fiji Government website, the cyber mouthpiece of our spectacularly incompetent military contains a very clear message, but not the one the regime intended.

Starkly and graphically it tells you that Frank Bainimarama and his supporters have lost the plot.

OK, the first thing to catch your eye, of course, is a slideshow at the top left of screen depicting the dictator addressing the United Nations and meeting important people.

Straight underneath, under the misleading heading of ‘Latest News”, are regime propaganda releases listed chronologically.

So far, so good. One would expect little else on a website that pretends legitimacy for what is in reality a tin-pot dictatorship.

But you don’t have to look much further to find hard evidence of a degree of regime incompetence that is breathtaking.

Yes, even on the regime’s portal to the world, the dictatorship unwittingly reveals the truth, why the very name Bainimarama is synonymous with deceit, incompetence and evasion of the truth.

For example click on the “”Our Government” button and you immediately find yourself in a time warp. It’s as if there was never a coup!

Detailed documentation of our former Parliament, Constitution, Judiciary and system of local government is unchanged from pre-coup days. Welcome to Fairyland!

We are not kidding you! Check for yourself;

Nowhere on the entire site is there mention of the 5 December 2006 coup, the 9 April 2009 court ruling that the coup was unlawful or the 10 April 2009 abrogation of the Constitution.

And nowhere on the entire site can you find mention of the 49 Decrees the illegal regime has promulgated since 9 April 2009.

In short, if you click on Fiji Government Online to find out who is running Fiji, what their policies and laws are and What they are doing to prosecute that policy, you have come to the wrong site!

The official website of our self-appointed dictator and his motley crew cannot even tell you the correct time! It is total crap, an amateurish concoction, a complete non-event. But why?

Well, we don’t know the exact objective of the regime’s IT lackeys (we would like to think it was sabotage!), but we at FDN can tell you what the end result is.
. . . Anyone visiting the site will be confronted by a fundamental and obvious question:

If, after three years, the Bainimarama regime cannot master the simple task of managing its own website, how on earth can it expect anyone to believe that it can manage an entire country?

Now folks, that’s grim food for thought as we look down the barrel of the third anniversary of Frank’s self-serving coup.

It makes you realize, yet again, that there’s no future for our beloved Fiji until we get rid of this dangerous idiot.

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