Friday, December 04, 2009

A reminder to all freedom bloggers

Sai's Comments:

  • Totally endorse this message by Tui Savu. The illegal regime is drowning Fiji and its people in sorrow and debt which has to result in increasing resentment against them. Key sympathisers and supporters are being exposed and sooner or later all their lies will be exposed as they increasingly are.
  • Blogging about the illegal activities and corruption of the regime will continue to remind them and others of the evil nature of their rule. They must be constantly reminded of it and eventually they do know they will have to account for their evil deeds.
  • Da kua ni cegu na Blog kei na kailavaka tiko na nodra butako kei na lawaki ca me yacova na gauna era sa na qai vesu kina me ra sogo i Korovou.

A reminder to all freedom bloggers…………

By Free Fiji from Bainimarama and his Goons

Bloggers, we have been opposing this illegal regime since December 2006 and it may seem to some, blog sites and opposition are futile attempts to bring the illegal junta down because they are still in power and no sign of them standing down soon.

I wish to remind those who may think this way, that it is not as simple as that and let me refresh you some proven facts to you:

  1. Fiji has been suspended from the Commonwealth;
  2. Fiji has been suspended from the South Pacific Forum;
  3. Economy is down;
  4. Business investments is at an all time low;
  5. Travel bans remain in place for Australia, New Zealand and the US;
  6. No more new UN assignments;
  7. EU withholding funds from the Sugar Industry;
  8. Majority of Fijians still oppose the illegal regime;
  9. Many Indians starting to acknowledge their grave mistake in supporting coup on racial lines;
  10. Shadowy figures and coup supporters being exposed, etc.

My point folks is we are not alone is opposing the idiot and his followers. They do not have the ‘truth’ because the high moral ground he claimed when removing the lawful Qarase led Multi-party System has proven itself as a sham and they continually live their lies heavily protected with armed military personnel 24/7.

As we come close to Christmas, let’s get our batteries recharged and as I stated from the beginning, we are here for the long haul, until democracy and the rule of law is restored, the coup perpetrators are brought to justice and the coup culture permanently eradicated in Fiji.

Blog on ragone!

Tui Savu.

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