Monday, December 07, 2009

Military promotion for senior army officers

Post by: Coupfourpointfive, MONDAY, DECEMBER 7, 2009

Military lawyer Mohammed Aziz and the army's Land Force Commander Pita Driti have been promoted to the rank of Brigadier. Both previously held the rank of Colonel.

Sources have confirmed that the promotion was announced to the troops last week.

They have also confirmed that some local media outlets were prevented from reporting on the promotion by the regime's censors.

Coupfourpointfive has been told that Driti who has been chosen to lead the next mission of 200 troops on a peacekeeping mission to Iraq, is now not going on the mission following his promotion to Brigadier.

Sources say military commander and dictator Frank Banimarama decided to reward Driti and Aziz after Driti's peacekeeping mission was thrown into doubt.

According to sources the United Nations has decided not to allow Driti to lead the mission because of the military's increasing role following the abrogation of the Constitution as well as its harassment and intimidation of civilians who are pro-democracy activists

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