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Kiwi Blogger's Take on Fiji Bloggers

Below is a post on Croz Walsh's Blog ( on those blogging about the Illegal Regime in Fiji. He claims to take a neutral view about the situation in Fiji.

What do you think?

I think he is being economic with the reality in Fiji and the motives of those in power. He paints an idealistic view to the point of pandering to the whims of those in power. He appears to discount and has misjudged the genuine depth of feeling by ordinary Fijians about their plight under the current regime and the impact on the welfare of their families and villages. His recipe for returning Fiji to democracy appears to include "do and follow what the regime says" and forget about telling your stories about your own or your relatives' plight under the regime in Fiji.

I have also copied my response to this post on his Blog below.

(-) Anti-Blog Roundup 1: Sai Lealea's Fiji Coup 2006

It's instructive, from time to time, to see what the rabidly anti-Government blogs are doing to bring about a peaceful and acceptable resolution to the situation in Fiji. These are the latest postings in Sai's blog:

ANZAC NEEDS TO INTERVENE NOW IN FIJI. A re-post from Realfijinews that calls for Australian and New Zealand intervention. "It would therefore be in ANZAC's permanent interest to intervene now to free Fiji from tyranny and return the country to its peoples." [A pretty direct invitation to invade Fiji.]

PAUL REEVES NEEDS A REALITY CHECK. A re-post from Rawfijinews criticising Commonwealth Special Representative to Fiji Sir Paul Reeves for calling on New Zealand to moderate its approach to Fiji.[Only a month or so back they were praising him.]

FRANK'S GOONS RACIST AT HEART because someone calling Brij Lal a “turncoat girmit baini” and Warden Narsey an “Uncle Tom Indian.” A re-post in FijiDemocracyNow from RawFijiNews.[ I do not see either accusation necessarily racist. They are certainly far less racist than what is often published on the anti-blogs.]

MILITARY PROMOTION FOR SENIOR ARMY OFFICERS. A re-post from Coupfourpointfive. Military lawyer Mohammed Aziz and the army's Land Force Commander Pita Driti have been promoted to the rank of Brigadier. [Is there anything underhand here? People get promoted all the time.]

FIJI ISLANDS POLITICAL CHECKLIST. Another re-post from Realfijinews. [A useful list what should be answered by reference to the pre-coup situation that the anti-bloggers did not protest, and the present situation. Here's the list. Check it out.]

DOES THE MILITARY HAVE A ROLE IN FIJI'S DEADLOCK? A re-post from RawFijiNews.[ For the most part a well reasoned argument by former RFMF officer Jone Baledrokadroka that concludes with "history has taught that power will not be relinquished freely by oppressors – it has to be demanded by the oppressed. It is for those participants of the forum to say enough of this cruel hoax such as quixotically unfolding and return the country to liberal democracy." Not quite a call to arms, but almost.]

WATCH YOUR BACK FRANK! Another re-post from RawFijiNews hinting that Bainimarama may be shot by an aide, just like Guinea's military leader. [An idle threat?]

LEWENI APPOINTED TO FIJI TV BOARD. A re-post from Coupfourpointfive. [The Lt.Col. was elected by shareholders. I think all the other Board members are civilians.]

DOCUMENT PROVES SAYED-KHAIYUM'S SHADY DEAL. A re-post from Coupfourpointfive. [I have no way of knowing whether $810,000 is inflated, but the property is in downtown Suva.]

ILLEGAL REGIME LEADERS AND SUPPORTERS ENJOY PERKS. Reports that passengers on Air Pacific's official inaugural flight to Hong Kong included a number of prominent government and Air Pacific figures and their wives. [A not unusual happening on inaugural flights in any country.]

Note how one blog recycles postings in other blogs; how the threats verge on the inciteful; how everything is personalised, and how nothing Government does earns any praise. When accommodation is desperately needed by all involved to break the current impasse, the anti-blogs help to perpetuate the impasse, and provide the regime with all the arguments it needs to extend the Public Emergency Regulations indefinitely. Sai's blog is by no means among the more extreme of the anti-blogs but he is a respected elder in the NZ Fiji community --- and more might be expected from him.

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"(-) Anti-Blog Roundup 1: Sai Lealea's Fiji Coup 2006"
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Sai Lealea said...
You are sadly misguided and naive to think that the Fiji regime is made up of reasonable people with noble motives about Fiji and its future. The means the regime employed to achieve power is illegal and as such all its actions are questionable. As Baledrokadroka noted, the regime, having tasted power, will find it difficult to let go. Have you paused to think why it is that the largely indigenous Fijian blogger community are venting their frustation online? They are just speaking their minds and heart about their beloved Fiji and you need to begin to appreciate that. It is their story told in their way and shaped by their hurtful experience and that of their relatives who have suffered under the regime. Not for them is an academic exercise of objective and neutral observation in the hope that it will entice the regime to return Fiji to democratic rule. One cannot see any sign from the regime of a willingness to listen let alone engage with a diverse group in Fiji other than from its own support base. I would suggest the sooner you begin to see the story told by Fijians about their country in their own eyes the better will be your take on Fiji.Vinaka

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